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Southern California Gas Company provides the following information to assist those who have questions about filing a claim.

Southern California Gas Company (The Gas Company) investigates and evaluates all claims on a case-by-case basis. Upon receipt of your claim by our Claims Department, a claims representative will contact you within two business days. When customer claims are forwarded to the Claims Department by company field employees, we will make every effort to contact the claimant within three business days.

Our investigation of your claim is not an admission of liability or an indication that The Gas Company is responsible for your damages.


We understand you have suffered a loss or damage and you believe The Gas Company may be responsible. To evaluate your claim, we must investigate and determine how the incident occurred, whether The Gas Company bears any responsibility for your loss, and the extent of your damages arising from the incident. The information you need to file a claim is explained below.

Interruption of Service

While The Gas Company exercises reasonable diligence and care to furnish and deliver service to our customers, and to avoid any service interruption, we are not liable for damages for any failure to deliver gas or provide service to our customers, which failure in any way or manner results from breakage of our facilities, however caused, war, riots, acts of God, strikes, failure of/ or interruption in service, operating limitations or other conditions beyond our reasonable control.

How to make a claim

You can make a claim as follows:

Call our Call Center at 1-877-238-0092. Our Call Center representatives will document your claim information over the telephone and send your claim to the appropriate department for processing.

Alternatively, you can download a Claims Form (Adobe PDF), and mail or fax the form to --

Southern California Gas Company
Attention: Claims Department
P. O. Box 60980
Los Angeles, California 90060-0980

Fax number 213-244-8214

How will your claim be processed?

The Gas Company will investigate all claims in an objective and professional manner. Each claim will be evaluated based on its own merits and the outcome of our investigation. Our investigation may include, but is not limited to, evaluation of information you provide, interviewing employees and witnesses, visual inspection and appraisal of your alleged damage, site inspections, and when necessary, consultation with subject matter experts.

Our goal is to reach a final decision on your claim within 30 – 45 days. However, if the incident is complex in nature, the investigation and evaluation period may take longer. At the conclusion of our investigation, you will receive either a call from us or a letter informing you of our decision.

What supporting documentation is needed?

Below we have listed types of claims and the corresponding documents that are generally needed to evaluate your loss:

For property damage:

Repair estimates, invoices and proof of purchase.

For bodily injury:

Copy of medical records and receipts for services rendered. If you are asking for lost wages due to an injury we will also need the following information: the numbers of days/weeks you were off work, verification of lost time from your employer and pay stubs verifying your hourly rate of compensation.

For business interruption:

Name and type of business, taxpayer I.D., revenue and expenses statements, sales receipts prior to and after the incident, payroll records, bank statements and/or tax records for the business.

What are your claims options?

Alternatively, you can refer your loss to your insurance carrier who may reimburse you subject to policy coverage and any applicable deductible. Your insurance carrier may choose to contact The Gas Company to resolve the matter.

What if your claim is denied?

The Gas Company is committed to resolving your claim in a fair and objective manner. If your claim is denied, we will provide you with the reason for the denial. If you are not satisfied with our decision, you have the option and right at any time during the claims process to file a civil action. This includes filing a Small Claims lawsuit.

What is the role of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)?

The California Public Utilities Commission sets general rules relating to business practices of the utility, however, it generally does not address the merits of bodily injury and property damage claims. For further information about the role of the CPUC, you can call 1-800-649-7570 or visit its web site.