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Other Ways To Pay Your Bill

Home banking

If you pay all of your bills at an online payment site such as a bank, credit union, brokerage firm or other financial institution, you may now be able to receive your bill from The Gas Company electronically. To find out of your financial institution offers e-bills from The Gas Company, visit CheckFree's e-bill site.*

*Please note: this link takes you to a third-party site which is not part of Southern California Gas Company.

Direct Debit

Have your payment automatically deducted from your designated account each month. For more information on our Direct Debit program, check our Direct Debit and Pay by Phone Frequently Asked Questions.

Electronic Check, Debit/ATM Card, MasterCard® and Visa® Credit Card Payments

Payments are accepted through Bill Matrix, an independent service provider. While The Gas Company does not charge for this service, Bill Matrix charges a convenience fee of $1.50 for each transaction. More information is available on how to pay through BillMatrix.

Mail your Payment

Mail your payments to the following address:
Southern California Gas Company
P.O. Box C
Monterey Park, CA 91756

Information About Paying By Check

With electronic check conversion, your bank account will be debited in the amount of your check, as early as the same day we receive your payment.

Pay In Person

If paying in person, we provide a list of Branch Payment Offices, Authorized Payment Locations, and ADA accessible locations.

Request for Change of Mailing Address

Do you need to update your mailing or email address information? You can edit your profile, edit certain billing information within the My Account site or call us at 1-877-238-0092 for details or print a copy of the Request For Change Of Mailing Address.

Last updated 10/2011

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My Account

You can pay your SoCalGas bill online, go paperless, set up monthly bill payments, receive reminders when your bill is ready and choose the date to pay your bill with My Account. Sign up today for 24/7 access.