SoCalGas - Energy-Efficiency Assessments for Industrial Customers
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Energy-Efficiency Assessments for Industrial Customers

Are you one of our existing industrial customers using 250,000 therms a year or more? You could receive, at no cost, an energy-efficiency assessment and evaluation of your complex energy-efficiency projects by engineers who are qualified by the Department of Energy (DOE). Here is what we offer:

Rebates and Incentives

We'll show you how your energy-efficiency projects may qualify for cash payments that could reach up to $1 million per project, and up to $2 million per premise, per year.

Customized Analysis

We'll make site visits and offer expert analyses about saving energy with virtually any industrial use of natural gas--including process heating and steam systems, gas engines, air compressors, oxidizers, and steam turbine drives.

Diagnostic Tools

We'll make field observations and use software modeling/simulation tools to prepare detailed assessments of your site's existing energy use. We'll also forecast your potential costs and savings. Our tools include:

  • Process Heating Assessment and Survey Tool: This identifies energy efficiency opportunities by modeling individual pieces of heating equipment and calculates projected costs and benefits.
  • Steam System Assessment Tool: This simulates changes in process steam systems and quantifies potential changes in cost, energy use and emissions. It includes a steam demand savings project, a user-defined fuel model, a boiler stack loss worksheet, a boiler flash steam recovery model, and improved steam trap models.

Contact Us

To learn how you can take advantage of this program, contact your account representative, email us at or call (800) 427-6584, and then press #4.

This program is funded by California utility customers and administered by Southern California Gas Company under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission. This program may be modified or terminated without prior notice and is provided to qualified customers on a first-come, first-served basis until program funds are no longer available. Customer results cited may not be typical. Eligibility requirements requirements and other restrictions apply. Offer excludes residential customers (on tariff schedules GR, GS, GM, G-CARE, GO-AC and G-NGVR) and certain customers that do not pay the Public Purpose Program Surcharge. Southern California Gas Company is not responsible for any goods or services selected by the customer.

Updated 07/2012

No up-front costs

“I saved $22,000 without spending a dime,” said Yusheng Shew, president of Tri J Heat Treating. SoCalGas’ energy-efficiency assessment identified Tri J’s most efficient furnaces. Using that information, Tri J reorganized its work flow to maximize the use of those furnaces. That reduced the company’s gas use by 10 percent—worth about $22,000 in 2008.

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