SoCalGas - Air Quality Services: Title V Air Quality Presentations
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Air Quality Services: Title V Air Quality Presentations

If you can't personally attend one of our presentations on air quality, you can still download them here for viewing on your computer.

Title V Air Quality Presentations
Date Title Author Format Download the file...
February 11, 2004 Compliance w/Title V Noel Muyco Word Title V Application Compliance Certification Materials
for Gas-Fired Equipment in the SCAQMD
  RECLAIM facilities:   Excel  
  Summaries - Rule Requirements     (RRules.xls)
  Audit Checklist      
  Facility-wide requirements     RFac.xls
  Boilers and Process Heaters     RBoil.xls
  Ovens     ROven.xls
  Internal Combustion Engines     REngine.xls
  Gas Turbines     RTurb.xls
  For Non-RECLAIM facilities      
  Rule Requirements     NRRules.xls

Audit Checklist


  Facility-wide requirements     NRFac.xls
  Boilers and Process Heaters     NRBoil.xls
  Internal Combustion Engines )     NREngine.xls
  Gas Turbines

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