SoCalGas - ESP Documents
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ESP Documents

In order to participate in Core Aggregation Services you will need to complete and submit to SoCalGas the following documents.

You will need the Acrobat Reader to view and print Adobe Acrobat documents on your computer.

  • Energy Service provider Agreement for Core Aggregation Service (PDF)
    Service agreement ESPs must complete and submit prior in order to participate in Core Aggregation Transportation Service with SoCalGas. Be sure that a duly authorized officer of your company signs this agreement. .
  • Envoy
    Authorizes users to access our Envoy system whereby users can electronically perform the nomination and balancing functions on SoCalGas pipeline system.
  • GAS ESP Information Form (PDF)
    The ESP uses this attachment to designate appropriate contacts for various Core Aggregation Transportation services.
  • Direct Access Service Request (DASR) process (PDF)
    This document describes SoCalGas' enrollment/termination process and includes sample DASR submittal and response by SoCalGas. The effective date for an electronically submitted Direct Access Service Request (DASR) for enrollments and terminations that have been submitted is a factor of two items: the cycle read date of the customer and DASR submission date (assuming the DASR has been correctly completed). The general rule is that the DASR effective date will be as soon as the next cycle read date. Per Rule 32, SoCalGas has three business days to process DASRs.
  • Electronic Billing Information Guide (PDF)
    This document describes the flat file document for those ESPs who wish to receive daily billing information electronically. Also, attached is a document that describes the Technical layout (PDF), and also a Sample flat file (PDF) document. In order to receive files electronically the ESP would need to have a FTP site and before testing can commence SoCalGas would need to know the ESPs: 1) I.P. address, 2) Logon id, 3) Password, and 4) location to drop off file. The attached documents are in Acrobat .pdf format and total 53k.
  • In addition to the documents above, potential ESPs should refer to pertinent tariff rules located at the SoCalGas tariff information page, which are: Rule 32 (Core Aggregation Transportation), Rule 36 (Interstate Capacity Brokering), Rule 30 (Transportation of Customer-Owned Gas), Sch G-IMB (Transportation Imbalance Service) and Sch G-CBS (UDC Consolidated Billing Option).

All completed documents should be sent to:

Customer Choice Program
555 W. Fifth St
Los Angeles, CA. 90013-1035
M.L. 22E1

These programs are approved by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and may be modified or terminated at any time. The CAT Program is subject to Tariff Rule No. 32 and other applicable tariffs and CPUC decisions that are in effect from time to time.