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Natural Gas Storage

Natural Gas Storage Rights for April 2014 Storage Year

Beginning October 1, 2013 SoCalGas will offer natural gas storage capacity rights (inventory, injection, and withdrawal) for the storage year starting April 1, 2014 for whole-year terms of one or multiple years.

The use of the storage capacity is governed by the G-TBS tariff and the Transaction Based Storage Service Agreement, which is Schedule I to the Master Services Contract.  Some important aspects of the storage service are as follows:

  1. Each component of storage is subject to its own rate cap as per the G-TBS tariff.
  2. Storage deals will be posted, disclosing the customer, price, term, and capacity.
  3. Secondary market trading of storage capacity is allowed.
  4. The use of interruptible injection and withdrawal rights will be prioritized based on price.
  5. Storage service is located at the SoCalGas-Citygate.
  6. The current fuel charge of 2.4% will be adjusted to reflect actual usage over a three-year period ending December 31, 2013. Fuel is charged year round on injection, with no other variable storage charges.
  7. Interruptible withdrawal from storage counts towards the Winter Deliveries requirement of Rule 30.
  8. SoCalGas offers interruptible off-system delivery service to interstate pipelines.

If you would like to acquire storage services, then submit a written non-binding bid, preferably via email, specifying the levels of firm inventory, injection and withdrawal capacities, and the annual demand charge you are willing to pay. Any combination of inventory, injection and withdrawal will be considered. Show the demand charge as a total annual dollar amount or price per decatherm of inventory capacity. 

To submit a bid or to discuss the storage program, contact Gwoon Tom by phone at (213) 244-3692 or by email at

Contact for Further Information on SoCalGas Storage Programs

Gwoon Tom, Storage Products Manager
(213) 244-3692

Jimmy Yen, Account Manager
(213) 244-5466

Terry Ross, Storage Products Advisor
(213) 244-3824

Elvia Ortiz, Storage Products Advisor
(213) 244-5779

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