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Gas Prices Savings Tools

Customers who choose to receive procurement service from SoCalGas pay for gas based on a 30-day forecast of gas commodity prices. SoCalGas passes through the cost of gas to our procurement service customers. This forecast is adjusted monthly to "true up" the difference between forecasted and actual gas costs for the previous month. SoCalGas adds a California Public Utilities Commission-mandated brokerage fee of 0.201¢ per therm. Customers who buy their gas from SoCalGas also pay a California Public Utilities Commission mandated procurement carrying cost charge (for gas held in storage) of 0.051¢ per therm.

Each month, SoCalGas' Gas Commodity rate for the current month appears on the gas bill. This can be used to estimate the savings or loss, if any, from purchasing gas from an aggregator for a given month.

How to Estimate Gas Cost Savings/Losses

To calculate the monthly difference, if any, complete the blue bordered areas (also designated by an *). Use the tab key to move between fields and to activate the calculator. Please note that all data should be entered in cents/therm and therms. (The total estimated savings or loss has been converted to dollars.)

Core Aggregation Transportation Program Monthly Savings/Loss Estimator
SoCalGas monthly commodity rate printed on the bill* (includes 0.201¢ per therm brokerage fee)     ¢ / therm
Plus procurement carrying cost:   0.051¢ ¢ / therm
Total SoCalGas procurement charge: =   ¢ / therm
Less gas rate charged by aggregator:* -   ¢ / therm
Potential savings or loss per therm:  =   ¢ / therm
Multiply by monthly gas usage in therms:* X   therms
Total Estimated Monthly Savings (-) or Loss (+): =  $   (converted to dollars)
Note: This estimator will not function properly if your browser does not support Javascript


All calculations are approximations only. SoCalGas does not warrant the accuracy, performance, merchantability, or fitness of the software or formula used in this estimator program. In no event shall SoCalGas be liable for any damage, loss, or liability arising out of the use of or reliance upon this program.

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