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Agriculture Testimonials

Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas) offers millions of dollars in rebates and incentives to help agriculture customers buy energy-efficient equipment. Here we share testimonials from satisfied customers who have benefited from our most popular energy-efficiency improvements.

Rene Van Wingerden, owner of Ocean Breeze Nursery in Carpinteria  Greenhouse Heat Curtains
Rene Van Wingerden, owner of Ocean Breeze Nursery in Carpinteria, bought enough greenhouse heat curtains to receive our maximum rebate on this item for one year—$50,000. Then he waited until the next year to buy more, so that he could get more rebates. “They’re worth waiting for,” he said. “They cut my payback down from about eight years to about five years.”

Joe Goldberg, owner of Skyline Flowers  Infrared Film
“Infrared film not only saves energy but diffuses light and improves growing conditions,” said Joe Goldberg, owner of Skyline Flowers, who received more than $25,000 in rebates from SoCalGas for his infrared film purchases. “If you’re aware of the program and know what it offers, the rebates can be substantial for agriculture businesses.”

Robert Akashi, owner of Sunnyland Nurseries Energy Management Systems
Robert Akashi, owner of Sunnyland Nurseries, says his energy management system “does a better job than I did.” The system saves him about 4,800 therms a year, and SoCalGas provided a $3,850 incentive.

Dudley Davis, Do Right’s Nursery Zero-Interest Loans
Do Right’s Nursery received a $25,000 rebate plus a $100,000 loan from Southern California Gas Company to pay for greenhouse heat curtains. “My energy savings basically cover the loan payment,” said President Dudley Davis.

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