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Food Processing Testimonials

Take advantage of the millions of dollars offered by Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas) to help business customers buy energy-efficient equipment. Here we share testimonials from satisfied food processing customers who have benefited from our most popular energy-efficiency program features.

Photo icon  Biogas
SoCalGas provided a $450,000 incentive to help National Beef use biogas, which is a renewable source of natural gas. National Beef uses microorganisms that produce biogas while consuming waste products. “The project gives us about a million therms of energy every year,” said vice president Brian Webb.

Photo icon  Insulation
“SoCalGas’ rebate program gave us a great deal on pipe and tank insulation,” said Matt Rickerd, chief engineer at Puritan Bakery in Carson, CA. “The insulation cost $6,175, but our $3,384 rebate paid for more than half of that.”

Photo icon Heat Recovery
SoCalGas gave Land O’ Lakes a $143,340 incentive for a heat exchanger, which recycles the facility’s waste heat.  “We’ll save much more through reduced energy use,” said Chris Scheidt, engineering projects manager for Land O’ Lakes.

Photo icon Zero-Interest Loan
Superior Cattle Feeders bought a new $112,500 boiler without paying a dime up-front. SoCalGas provided a $54,300 incentive and a $58,200 zero-interest loan. “It’s hard to say no to a deal like that,” said manager Bob Lofton. (Eligibility rules and other restrictions apply. See program details.)

Photo icon Boilers
SoCalGas gave See’s Candies $4,000 in rebates for four energy-efficient steam boilers.

Photo icon  Cool Planet Program
“SoCalGas gave us $6,000 to join The Climate Registry to help measure and manage our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions according to consistent, state-backed standards,” said Armando Garza, director of manufacturing for Mission Foods. “Developing our GHG inventory with the Registry will accurately document our emissions reductions, positioning us for success as energy and carbon policies evolve.”

Photo icon  Energy-Efficiency Assessments
SoCalGas provided no-cost on-site training for White Wave Foods to help verify about $100,000 per year in energy-efficiency savings through a number of projects, such as increasing condensate recovery and reducing boiler blowdown. “The training helped provide the operational and economic justification for us to proceed with the projects,” said Bob King, White Wave Foods’ plant manager.

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