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Healthcare Testimonials

Take advantage of the millions of dollars offered by Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas) to help business customers buy energy-efficient equipment. Here we share testimonials from satisfied healthcare customers who have benefited from our most popular energy-efficiency program features.

Tom Romeyn, director of plant services at Huntington Memorial Hospital

Gas air conditioning upgrade

SoCalGas gave Huntington Memorial Hospital a $315,000 incentive for upgrading its gas air conditioning system with a package of improvements, including enhanced heat exchangers and an energy management system with digital controls. “We now have much greater ability to maintain different temperatures in different areas, and to program temperature changes at different times,” said Tom Romeyn, director of Plant Services.

Deepak Bhandari, energy resource specialist for Fairview Development Center


“We received more than $3,400 in rebates for about 1,700 feet of pipe insulation,” said Deepak Bhandari, energy resource specialist for Fairview Development Center. “We use insulation for both our hot and cold water pipes, which saves us significant amounts of energy at a relatively low cost.”