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Application Forms for CARE

You may download an application PDF from this website. Fill it out and mail it in.

The Gas Company
CARE Program, GT19A1
P.O. Box 3249
Los Angeles, CA 90051-1249

You will receive your discount(s) once your completed, signed application is approved by The Gas Company.

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Other forms

CARE application for residents of mobile home parks and submetered apartments that are billed by their property owner/manager:

Solicitud para residentes de casas móviles y apartamentos con submedidores que se pagan por el dueño ó el administrador

Questions, please call:

English 1-877-238-0092

Español 1-800-342-4545

國語 1-800-427-1429

粵語 1-800-427-1420

한국어 1-800-427-0471

Tiếng Việt 1-800-427-0478

For other languages 1-888-427-1345

Hearing impaired (TDD)

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