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Medical Baseline Allowance

SoCalGas cares about your health

Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas) knows that not all customers are alike. Some households may have family members with health concerns that require using the heater more during cool weather.

If you or a member of your household has serious health condition, the Medical Baseline Allowance may be able to provide an additional allowance of gas at a lower rate. 

Stay warm. Stay healthy.

The Medical Baseline Allowance is here to help. A household may qualify if a member:

  • has a life-threatening illness or a compromised immune system
  • is seriously disabled
  • requires more heat in winter due to a serious health condition or to prevent deterioration of the person’s medical condition

Medical Baseline Allowance facts

  • The Medical Baseline Allowance provides gas at the lowest rate.
  • Eligibility is NOT based on income.
  • Qualifying conditions include medical illnesses for which additional heating is medically necessary.
  • You can own or rent your housing.
  • Gas service does not have to be in the Medical Baseline patient’s name.
  • A household can have the Medical Baseline Allowance in conjunction with other assistance programs.
  • The allowance includes space heating but NOT spas or pools for therapy.
  • Covered conditions include (but are not limited to): Paraplegia, Quadriplegia, Hemiplegia, Multiple Sclerosis, Scleroderma, compromised immune system and life threatening illness.
  • Doctor’s certification is required.

Apply today!

Applying for the Medical Baseline Allowance is easy. Use the links below to download an application and instructions.

» Medical Baseline Application (PDF)

More information

The Medical Baseline Allowance provides an additional daily allowance of .822 therms at the baseline rate for people with certain medical conditions.  This is approximately 25 more therms per month at the lowest rate.

You may qualify for Medical Baseline Allowance even if your landlord bills you for your natural gas. The landlord will reflect the allowance on your billing statement.

Questions, please call:

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