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Clothes Washing

Choosing an energy-efficient clothes washer and following a few simple tips can save you money on your natural gas, electricity and water bills.

Energy Conservation Tips

  • Wash full loads or adjust the water level to fit the size of your load.
  • Save up to 10% on water heating costs by washing and rinsing your clothes in cold water.
  • Select a laundry detergent formulated to clean effectively in cold water.

Appliance Selection Tips

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  • When buying a new clothes washer use Energy Guide labels to help you choose an energy-efficient model.
  • Consider replacing your old, inefficient clothes washer with a new ENERGY STAR® model. There are both top-loading and front-loading high efficiency models to choose from depending on your needs and preferences. High efficiency clothes washers can save up to 50% in energy costs. Check with your local water utility to see if they have rebates for new energy-efficient clothes washers.
  • Choose clothes washers with energy-saving features:
    • Temperature controls, so you can choose cold-water settings.
    • Water level controls, so you can use less water for small loads.
    • Pre-soaking option, to help clothes get clean with a shorter wash cycle.
    • A high-speed spin cycle for better water removal and reduced drying time.
    • Check for available rebates.

Where can I buy Energy Star products?

Visit the ENERGY STAR store locator  

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Rebates Available

You can receive cash rebates on clothes washers, dishwashers, attic/wall insulation, natural gas storage water heaters and furnaces. Go to Rebates for Your Home.