SoCalGas - Low-Flow Showerhead - $15 Rebate
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Low-Flow Showerhead - $15 Rebate

Don't let water and money go down the drain.

Purchase the Evolve™ ShowerStart™ Roadrunner showerhead and save!

How it works

As you wait for your shower water to warm up, the Evolve™ ShowerStart™ Roadrunner showerhead monitors the temperature of your water.

When the temperature reaches 95° F, the conservation mode is activated and the device interrupts the flow of water to just a trickle. This signals you that the water is ready... and saves water from going down the drain.

When you are ready to enjoy your shower, just pull the cord attached to the valve on the showerhead. The water flow will resume to full pressure. This handy feature will help you save water and the energy used to heat the water!

Where to get it

Visit our SoCalGas online storefront and receive your rebate during your purchase.

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