SoCalGas - Chemical and Environmental
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Chemical and Environmental

Using state-of-the-art equipment, the Chemical Section is capable of collecting on-site gas and liquid representative samples for various analyses. We provide environmental, gas operation and Btu-measurement related analytical services in the following areas:


  • PCB analysis and sample management
  • EPA-approved PCB wipe sampling method
  • environmental sample collection training
  • environmental lab auditing
  • hazardous material and waste sampling
  • environmental field sampling training
  • environmental project consulting and management
  • trace constituent test development

Gas Operations and Btu Measurement

  • gas quality policy and operating procedures
  • gas composition (C1 - C6+) and inerts
  • simulated distillation through C40+
  • sulfur gas analysis
  • odorization management and test development
  • line seasoning/odor conditioning of new steel pipelines
  • gas quality testing including HC and H2O dew point
  • facility and equipment performance evaluations
  • mobile gas operations test vehicle
  • gas quality consulting and project management
  • NGV compressor station performance testing
  • Btu measurement services
  • underground gas leak testing and investigations
  • equipment evaluation for various gas analyzers
  • oil carryover for NGV
  • Btu testing of natural gas
  • H2S and total sulpher testing for natural gas
  • water or moisture testing of natural gas

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