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Natural Gas Vehicles for Fleet, Business and Commercial Use

NGVs for fleets

Fleet owners face many challenges, like deciding on the safest and most economical fleets and considering how to meet more stringent air quality regulations. Switching to cleaner-burning fuels is a given, but which fuel is best?

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG):

  • Is one of the cleanest fuels, capable of meeting the most stringent regulations
  • Is economical
  • Offers a safe track record
  • Provides financial incentives for switching

Fleet owners have two ways to switch to Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs):

  • Purchase them directly from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Convert existing vehicles to run on CNG

Either way, NGVs are the most economical, high-performance alternative fuel vehicles currently available.

NGV performance

NGVs often deliver similar horsepower ratings to their diesel and gasoline-powered counterparts. Natural gas has an octane rating of approximately 130, compared to 91 octane gasoline. Because of the clean burning attributes of natural gas, NGVs generally have longer engine life compared to most gasoline-powered vehicles.

Natural gas is well-suited for fleet vehicles which return to a central facility for fuel. A rapidly developing network of public fueling stations is helping to make CNG for vehicles readily available to anyone.

CNG rates and tariffs

Here are the current NGV rates for businesses(pdf).

Supplier directory

SoCalGas has compiled a list of vendors(pdf)1 who can help you design, build and maintain your new CNG station.

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Updated 8/2011

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