SoCalGas - Light-Duty NGV Seminar Presentations
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Light-Duty NGV Seminar Presentations

Southern California Gas Seminar - September 2012

 In recent years, many heavy-duty vehicle fleets in Southern California have switched from diesel to natural gas. This has helped grow one of the largest networks of compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling stations in the United States. Now that the difference in price between CNG and gasoline is at an all-time high, the time is right for major growth in the light-duty vehicle segment as well.

The Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas) conference was unique in that it provided a dedicated forum for light-duty CNG vehicle suppliers, operators and potential customers. Information was presented on the latest light-duty CNG vehicles from OEMs and additional models that could be converted in the aftermarket and refueling options.

Offering training and seminars is just one way SoCalGas is helping customers manage their energy use to save money and energy.

Panel 1: Latest on Dedicated CNG & Bi-fuel OEM Vehicle Development

  • Jeremy Brown, Wester Region Truck Specialist, Chrysler Fleet Operations
  • Annabel Cook, Alternative Fuel Vehicle Consultant, American Honda
  • Clay Okabayashi, Fleet Account Executive, General Motors

Panel 2: Latest Developments in CNG Vehicle Conversions

Panel 3: Refueling Infrastructure

Panel 4: Regulatory, Policy, National Efforts

  • Rich Kolodziej, President, NGVAmerica
  • Tim Carmichael, President, California Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition
  • Dean Saito, On-Road Mobile Source Manager, South Coast Air Quality Management District

Panel 5: Customer Testimonials

  • Martin Bowman, Fleet Operations Manager, City of Riverside
  • Larry Slagle, President, Yellow Cab of North Orange County
  • Paul Condran, Fleet Manager, City of Culver City, Transportation Department

SoCalGas NGV Efforts

  • Jeff Reed, Director, Market Development and Emerging Technology Utilities, Sempra Energy

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