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Protecting the Environment

Doing Our Part

Sustainability at SoCalGas

The Benefits of Natural Gas
Part of the Renewable Energy Solution
Part of the Clean Transportation Solution
Part of the Energy Efficiency Solution

The Benefits of Natural Gas

Available in abundance domestically, natural gas offers the U.S. the opportunity to achieve energy independence. There is currently enough natural gas in its traditional form to meet U.S. demand for more than 100 years. Natural gas is:

  • A cost-effective primary energy source that meets the needs of a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial applications
  • Highly reliable and very flexible so it can be stored and then delivered whenever customers need it
  • Clean burning; emitting less CO2 per unit of energy than any other fossil fuel; and releasing less greenhouse gas (GHG) than electricity. 

Part of the Renewable Energy Solution

Already a source of clean energy, natural gas can make the air even cleaner when it is produced in a new way:  from renewable sources such as waste products, like wastewater, animal manure, food waste and green waste.

Renewable pipeline quality natural gas has the potential to supply up to 16 percent of California’s annual natural gas consumption. This energy resource is also carbon neutral since the carbon dioxide released as it is used is part of the natural carbon cycle. 

SoCalGas continues to evolve the use of renewable natural gas with technologies such as fuel cells that allow customers to generate energy on-site through an electrochemical reaction, rather than combustion. This process results in negligible levels of pollutants and reduces carbon emissions below levels for traditional power plants. 

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Part of the Clean Transportation Solution

The use of gasoline and diesel fuels for transportation represents 40 percent of California’s GHG inventory.  In the South Coast Air Basin alone, transportation represents 80 percent of NOx, a major contributor to ozone.

Delivered as compressed natural gas (CNG), natural gas is an alternative fuel for clean transportation with 30 percent lower carbon intensity than gasoline, which means much lower vehicle emissions. When renewable natural gas is added into the equation, GHG emissions can be reduced by 90 percent or more compared to the use of gasoline or diesel fuel.  

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Part of the Energy Efficiency Solution

SoCalGas  partners with its customers to achieve even greater efficiencies.  Energy-efficiency programs help reduce energy consumption and save money through lower operating costs.

New technologies have helped increase efficiency, from solar water heaters and solar thermal chilled water, to smart meters, which help customers make informed decisions about energy usage.

We also work with local air quality districts to help develop consumer choices that are cost effective, more energy efficient and reduce emissions to achieve healthful air standards.

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Watch a video on Biogas.

Watch this fun video

Natural gas is part of the clean energy solution. It’s efficient, fuels vehicles, and can even be renewable (biogas)!

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Our Environment

Every day, each one of us makes choices at home and at work. We understand the connection between our choices and our impact on the environment.