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Affiliate Transactions

The relationship between the state's regulated utilities (such as SoCalGas) and their unregulated, energy-related affiliate companies are subject to rules established by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).

These "Affiliate Transaction Rules" address many issues. In response, this web site has been developed to notify interested parties of particular transactions between SoCalGas and certain of its affiliated companies. SoCalGas posts this information in compliance with the CPUC's Decision 97-12-088 issued in December 1997 revised in August 1998 and revised again in December 2006.

With the revision of the Rules being issued in December 2006, Section VI.C requires that each utility subject to the rules have independent audits verifying that the utility is in compliance with the Rules for the last two calendar years ending December 31. These audits must occur on a biennial basis and be conducted by CPUC selected auditors. Future Audits of Affiliate Transactions will be made available on the Commission’s Energy Division website. The most recent audit report filed with the CPUC prior to the revision of the Rules is the 2006 Audit of Affiliate Transactions.

2010 and 2011 Affiliate Compliance Audit (Adobe PDF, 841 KB)

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