Trade Professional Spotlight

See what our customers and trade professionals are up to and how they’re saving energy and money!

Knorr Systems and the City of Irvine

Knorr Systems provides equipment, service, training, and daily operations for aquatic facilities throughout the Western and South-Central United States. Among its customers is the City of Irvine’s William Woollett Jr. Aquatics Center, a world class venue for local, national, and international aquatic events with two side-by-side 50m pools and one 25m by 25yd pool. It even hosted one of the swimming events at the 1984 Summer Olympics! 

Given the rarity of having two 50m side-by-side pools, in 2013, the Woollett Aquatics Center was chosen to test the effectiveness and efficiency of the then-new 96% thermally efficient Lochinvar AQUAS condensing indirect pool heating system. While one pool kept its original 89% thermally efficient direct-fired boiler, the other used the AQUAS system, installed by Knorr Systems. Both pools were kept at the same temperature. Findings from the study concluded that the pool with the AQUAS system used 20% less natural gas than the one with a direct-fired heater. 

The City has since upgraded all its pools with the AQUAS system, including the Northwood High School Aquatic Center earlier this year. With Knorr Systems' help, the City of Irvine is a stellar example of what a forward-thinking city can accomplish in energy efficiency while providing top-quality facilities to local citizens and the international aquatics community. 

OMNI Solutions

OMNI Solutions provides laundry cleaning and sanitization solutions and technologies to healthcare, hospitality, and commercial institutions. Among the company’s customers is Buena Vista Care Center, a nursing home and rehabilitation center in Anaheim, CA. 

After installing OMNI’s LUX Advanced Oxidation Hydroxyl Laundry System, Buena Vista Care Center has saved approximately $1,100 a month on its utility bills, which covers the cost of its monthly supply of laundry cleaning products. It additionally received an equipment rebate of over $4,000 via the SoCalGas Trade Professional Program. Along with these cost savings, the center’s staff has been thrilled with OMNI’s attention to customer service, as well as the LUX system’s disinfection capabilities. The facility’s linens look, smell, and feel better than ever!  

Century Park East Homeowner's Association

As a result of failing infrastructure, the Century Park East Homeowner's Association built its own onsite hot water boiler plant. With SoCalGas’ help, it received $28,247 in rebates, and its average monthly bill has decreased by roughly 50%. The Trade Professional selected was advantageous in the design of the project and met the challenges of working in an occupied building. The association's dilemma ultimately turned into realized financial savings.