Company Name Description
Sempra Generation Acquires, develops and operates power plants for the wholesale market throughout North America.
Sempra Energy Solutions LLC Energy management services and power marketing services.
Sempra Energy Trading Corporation, doing business as Sempra Commodities Provides worldwide marketing and risk-management services to wholesale and retail customers for natural gas, power, petroleum products and base metals.
El Dorado Energy, LLC Owns and operates a power plant in Southern Nevada.
Elk Hills Power, LLC Owns and operates a power plant near Bakersfield, California.
Mesquite Power, LLC Owns and operates a power plant in Arizona.
Sempra Energy Europe Espana, S.L. Acts as licensed company for wholesale trading of electricity and gas in Spain.
Sempra Energy Trading (Calgary) Limited Wholesale trading company that participates in marketing and trading of commodities related to natural gas, power, crude oil and other associated commodities.
Sempra Energy Trading (UK) Limited Inactive.  Arranges certain financial trades on the wholesale level for Sempra Energy Europe Limited.
Sempra Energy Trading Mexico, S. de R.L. de C.V. Acts as agent in Mexico to effect gas deliveries to Termoelectrica de Mexicali and the Mexican CFE as well as provide other services.
Sempra LNG Holding company - develops, builds and operates LNG receiving terminals
Sempra LNG Marketing Corp. Marketing company for LNG capacity. Previously Sempra Energy LNG Marketing Corp.
Sempra Rockies Marketing, LLC

Will attempt to acquire and hold capacity on the proposed Rockies Express Pipeline
Sempra Servicios Energeticos, S. de R.L. de C.V. Mexican marketing company.
Termoelectrica U.S. LLC

Develop, own, and operate a generation-tie electric transmission line between the U.S. border and an U.S. substation.
Termoelectrica de Mexicali, S. de R.L. de C.V. Plan, design, build and perform all activities needed to operate and maintain a facility for electric energy generation located in Mexicali, Mexico.
Sempra Energy Europe Kft Limited Liability - electricity trading and wholesale activities in Hungary.
Sempra Energy Europe Limited Physical and financial trading and marketing on wholesale level of natural gas, electricity, coal, emissions allowances; financial trading of oil and oil products.
Sempra Energy Europe S.R.O. Electricity trading and wholesale activities in the Czech Republic.
Sempra Energy Trading (Canada) Limited Agent in Canada to introduce energy trading business to Sempra Energy Trading.
Gasoducto Rosarito S. de R.L. de C.V. Gas trading and transportation entity. Currently provides natural gas to several Mexican power plants.