Renewable Gas

Renewable energy is an increasingly important part of California’s clean energy future.  You’ve probably heard of renewable energy sources like solar and wind, but you may not have heard of renewable natural gas (RNG). This section provides information and resources to help you understand how renewable natural gas is generated and delivered to customers.

What is Renewable Natural Gas?

See how renewable natural gas is derived from organic waste materials.

Renewable Natural Gas Success Stories

Learn how biogas becomes renewable natural gas (RNG). Your business may be able to save energy and money with renewable biogas and biomethane.

Biogas Conditioning/Upgrading Services

See how SoCalGas® can help biogas producers plan, design, procure, construct, own, operate and maintain biogas conditioning and upgrading equipment.

New or Expanded RNG Interconnection Receipt Points

Learn how to set up a new or expanded interconnection receipt point to deliver renewable natural gas to SoCalGas.

Biomethane Monetary Incentive Program

Find out how California’s biomethane monetary incentive program can help offset the cost  of interconnecting with SoCalGas’ pipeline system.

Power-to-Gas Technology

Learn how this exciting technology can help address California’s overproduction of solar power.

Additional Information and Resources

Get more information about renewable natural gas with this list of links to resources inside and outside of SoCalGas.