Management Teams

Learn more about the management team at SoCalGas®.

  • Bret Lane

    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

  • Maryam Brown


  • Jimmie Cho

    Chief Operating Officer

  • David Barrett

    David Barrett

    Vice President and General Counsel

  • David Buczkowski

    David Buczkowski

    Vice President, Gas Engineering and System Integrity

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  • Mia DeMontigny

    Mia DeMontigny

    Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Controller, Chief Accounting Officer and Treasurer

  • Angelica Espinosa

    Chief Risk Officer

  • Paul Goldstein

    Vice President, Customer Services

  • Ben Gordon

    Vice President, Technology Operations and Infrastructure Management

  • Sandra Hrna

    Vice President, Accounting and Finance

  • Kent Kauss

    Regional Vice President, External Relations

  • Jawaad Malik

    Vice President, Gas Acquisition

  • George Minter

    Regional Vice President, External Affairs and Environmental Strategy

  • Eugene "Mitch" Mitchell

    Vice President, Legislative and External Affairs

  • Neil Navin

    Neil Navin

    Vice President, Gas Transmission and Storage

  • Gina Orozco

    Vice President, Gas Distribution

  • Rodger Schwecke

    Rodger R. Schwecke

    Senior Vice President, Gas Operations and Construction

  • Dan Skopec

    Vice President, Regulatory Affairs

  • Sharon Tomkins

    Vice President, Strategy and Engagement

  • Jeff Walker

    Vice President, Customer Solutions

  • Cedric Williams

    Vice President, Construction

  • Denita Willoughby

    Vice President, Supply Management and Logistics

  • Gillian Wright

    Chief Human Resources, Administrative and Environmental Officer